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Grunge Wood

Tool Care




Keeping your tools dry and clean will extend their life and usefulness. Cleaning them between use also helps to prevent the transfer of diseases from plants and soil, and the spread of weeds.


Moisture is one of the main culprits when it comes to dulling the blade on your tool so be sure to dry it before putting up after use.


If your tool has a spring it is best to store it open. This keeps pressure off the spring and extends the life of the tool.


Prior to storing for the winter be sure to give your tools a good cleaning. Wipe off any debris with a cloth or brush. Then wipe down with oil. We recommend using a light oil such as orange oil, 3-in-1 oil or even a vegatable oil to clean your tools. Do NOT use motor oil, grease or WD40 on your tools.




Use a diamond or ... Lightly stroke one side of your blade 10 - 15 times with the sharpener. Then lightly stroke the other side. Once you have sharpened both sides, take the finest grit of the sharperner and clean the burr by making one swipe on the first side you sharpened. Of course, we hope you'll consider using the best tool sharpener on the market, our 10 Inch Diamond Sharpener.

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