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Grunge Wood

Wholesale $25 each with a minimum quantity order of 6 ($150)
Retail: $50 each
Call 800-969-4583 for more information.

Our tempering process allows for a heavier curvature of the blades which gives our hedge shears a more effective cutting capacity with a much stronger blade.

The shorter blade design cuts down on excess weight which makes getting the job done much easier.

This in turn, saves your hands, arms, and shoulders. The handles are a high strength aluminum. All parts are replaceable including handles, bumpers and blades.

Six (6) Hedge Shears WS-IW1410

  • • Strong aluminum handles --- lightweight and rust-free
    • Special ergonomic non-slip grips for comfort and reduced hand fatigue
    • All parts replaceable
    • Cushioned bumpers to save your knuckles
    • Designed for cutting large scale topiary and hedges
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