Grunge Wood

Wholesale $35 each with a minimum quantity order of 6 ($210)
Retail: $70 each


The Transmission Gear Bypass Lopper is ideal for live pruning --- a combination of power and precision. The transmission gear increases power up to 40% and the slim head allows you to get into tighter areas and up to the branch collar or bark ridge for healthy pruning.

• Geared transmission for increased power

• High carbon steel blade

• Non-stick coating for easier pruning and cleaning

• Telescopic handles for increased leverage and reach

• Weighs just under 3lbs

• Extends from 26in to 36.5in


Usage instructions:

• Place wood as deep into the jaw as possible

• Squeeze handles together

• Extend handles for more leverage

Six (6) Transmission Gear Bypass Lopper WS-IW1420

  • All parts are replaceable 4-stage extending aluminum handles. From 19" to 32" Handles are replaceable Real Rubber non slip grips Aggressive toothed jaw for non-slip cutting Non-stick coating on high carbon steel blades. (Also replaceable)
    • Place wood as far into the jaw as possible
    • Squeeze handles together till you feel them stop
    • Once they stop slightly open the handle with the red grip until the ratchet pin advances to the next slot
    • Repeat this process until done
    • REMEMBER - always "Ratchet on Red"